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Huntsman Advanced Materials unveils new range of low temperature curing agents

The Ara® Cool range features a number of innovative products, each designed to improve curing speed between 0°C and 10°C, enabling formulators to meet demands for faster processing under cold conditions.

The high performance agents provide outstanding surface appearance and adhesion, offering time and cost savings without compromising on finish. In addition, the products have a superior pot life enabling ease of application as well as low- to zero-VOC content, which meets regulatory requirements even in harsh climate regions.

Launching with three initial products developed to address specific requirements, the curing agents are suitable for use in a variety of industries including oil and gas, marine, transportation and industrial maintenance.

The new range comprises:

  • Ara® Cool 3077 – multipurpose low temperature curing hardener (zero-VOC)
  • Ara® Cool 1047 W 80 – surface tolerant low temperature curing hardener
  • Ara® Cool 1034 XW 90 – low temperature curing hardener with very long pot life

Experts from Huntsman will be available to answer any questions about Ara® Cool at the American Coatings Show, Indianapolis, April 10-12, Booth 930. To arrange a meeting, please contact us via the form below.

Why choose Ara® Cool?

  • Enter markets with adverse conditions Enables VOC compliant applications in harsh climate regions
  • Extend the application window in cold seasons Allows applicators and end users to work more efficiently
  • Deal with unpredictable weather Avoids breaks in the application schedule and reduces the risk of complaints
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Technical information

Ara® Cool 3077

Multi-purpose low temperature curing hardener (zero-VOC).

Ara<sup>®</sup> Cool 1047 W 80 brochure image
Ara® Cool 1047 W 80

Surface tolerant low temperature curing hardener.

Ara<sup>®</sup> Cool 1034 XW 90 brochure image
Ara® Cool 1034 XW 90

Low temperature curing hardener with very long pot life.


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